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The use of Fabric Formed Concrete is an economical, versatile, effective and maintenance free application for soil erosion on projects such as:

  • Pond Liners

  • Landfill Containment Systems

  • Floodways

  • River Crossings

  • Seawalls

  • Bridge Abutments

  • Embankments

  • Revetments

  • Dock & Bridge Piling Re-Inforcement

  • Culverts

  • Drain Structures

  • Spillways

The Fabric Formed Concrete eliminates the need for forms and expensive lifting equipment and/or cranes. The Fabric Formed Concrete mat is laid in position and has the advantage of allowing the concrete to be pumped and cured above on dry soil or below the “water line” making site preparation much easier. The Fabric Formed Concrete mat is filled with a fine aggregate concrete mix by way of pumping. The Fabric Formed Concrete is designed to retain the solids in the mix allowing for the installation on dry soil and under water. Costs are reduced due to the ease of installation and more efficient use of concrete. Once the pumping is finished and the Fabric Formed material filled, the process is complete, with no form removal and no further curing providing a simple, efficient and cost effective method of erosion control.

In addition to the economical advantage of the Fabric Formed Concrete, the high versatility, durability and effectiveness make Fabric Formed Concrete applications the ideal choice for soil erosion control.

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